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The Dreaded HOA Letter

Have you ever received the dreaded HOA letter? 

The embarrassing letter that immediately sends your heart racing and puts you in defense mode.  Many think their property is perfect just the way it is, but your Homeowners Association may think differently.  Beauty is not always in the eye of the beholder when it comes to communities.

Plenty of people love living in a community with a homeowner association, HOA.  HOA rules are designed to prevent neighborhoods from turning into eyesores, keep the peace and protecting your investment. Sometimes, though, the rules can catch homeowners by surprise and result in costly consequences.

Let’s take a look at what an HOA/HOA Management Company actually does, and why they do what they do.

First, we need to stop and remember that HOA/Management Companies are not the bad guys.  Board members and Property Managers are not the bad guys either. They are people just doing their jobs.  

We as homeowners pay for this service.  A service that requires that an association manages a neighborhood’s common areas, such as roads, parks and pools.  It also gives those entities the authority to make certain that the properties, including the individual homes, are well maintained to keep up general values in the community. 

That authority might include the ability to tell you that your house needs maintenance, such as pressure washing, with the standards being applied in a uniform manner around the community.

Some of the benefits a HOA management company provides include:

  • Clarity – Management companies help ensure the HOA’s rules, regulations and policies are clearly defined and communicated to members.  They also make sure these rules make sense and are easy to follow.
  • Consistency – A good HOA management company enforces rules and policies with consistency.  The management company makes sure there’s no perception of unfair treatment or favoritism among members.  It will also deal with any problems as soon as they surface. 
  • Legal Knowledge – A HOA management company is often very knowledgeable regarding legislation affecting homeowner associations. The company will understand how the HOA’s policies, and enforcement of the policies, best conform to the law.
  • Varied Expertise – A HOA management company will have diverse professionals on staff, including experts trained in property management, finance, accounting, human resources, marketing and more.
  • Vendor Management – Management companies are experienced in building solid vendor relationships.  They know how to keep issues from escalating.  And, vendors may be more inclined to work with professionally managed HOAs because they know the chances are high the community will be well run.
  • Neighborhood Commitment – Homeowners need to feel the management company is maintaining a safe, well managed neighborhood that’s meeting their expectations.  It’s in the HOA management company’s best interest to make all the members within the community satisfied with their services.
  • Open Communication – A HOA management company can open the lines of communication among members.  It’s important everyone within the community feel comfortable voicing their concerns and ideas.  A professional management company can bring more to the table than just enforcing HOA rules.

So, what can you do to be proactive, avoiding those stressful HOA violation letters?  

Doing an annual property inspection is vital to protecting your property and those living with you.  Besides, being prepared saves you time and money.   

Here’s a list that Blue Wave Pressure Washing put together to help you out.  

  • Start curbside and work your way in.  Do you see oil stains, mold spots, concrete discoloration?
  • Is your trash pad black and smelly?
  • Are your front porch steps moldy and musty?
  • Do you see peeling paint, bare spots or fading on your porch?
  • How about mismatched colors or incomplete staining?
  • Is your vinyl siding covered in green mold?  Look closely on the side that doesn’t get any light.
  • Is your brickwork black when it should be red?
  • All gutters cleaned out and no overflow?

Look closely at this list and call Blue Wave Pressure Washing to help you out.  Being prepared ahead of time is always the best solution to stopping those HOA letters before they are delivered to your residence.    


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