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Before and After

You’d be surprised at what we can do with a streaming jet of water.

Here’s some of our best work:

  • Pressure Washing Tennis Courts
  • Residential Pressure Washing Stairs
  • Residential Stairs
  • Residential Fencing Pressure Washing
  • Residential Brick
  • Residential Pressure Washing 3
  • Residential Pressure Washing 8
  • Residential Pressure Washing 4
  • We specialize in cleaning warehouses and industrial structures.
  • Power Washing House
  • Cleaning siding is no problem for us.
  • Residential Pressure Washing 5
  • Residential Pressure Washing 6
  • Residential Pressure Washing 15
  • Residential Pressure Washing 17
  • Keep your condo or townhome's exterior clean.
  • Patios can look easily look disgusting after only a few months.
  • Residential pressure washing includes cleaning driveways.
  • Brickwork is no problem for Blue Wave Pressure Washing.
  • Protect your biggest asset from mold and grime.
  • Masonry and stonework cleans up well with a good pressure washing.
  • Fences can easily look grey without cleaning.
  • Roof tops are a common place for pressure washing.
  • Sidewalks are no problem for Blue Wave.
  • Keep your business clean with Blue Wave.
  • Residential Pressure Washing 22
  • Office buildings and commercial properties are frequently our customers.
  • Power Washing Raleigh
  • We'll help your trucking and transportation company shine.
  • Power Washing Raleigh School
  • Raleigh Power Washing House
  • Raleigh Power Washing Industrial
  • Power Washing Sidewalk
  • Power Washing Siding
  • Power Washing Residential

Green Clean

We are not just committed to cleaner properties, but a greener, safer community. By utilizing efficient systems that have a low impact on the environment, we can be green and still provide you with a deep clean.