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Do It Yourself Pressure Washing

Definition of “do-it-yourself”: the activity of doing or making something (as in woodworking or home repair) without professional training or assistance broadly: an activity in which one does something oneself or on one’s own initiative.

Are you a do-it-yourself-er?  

Is your house screaming out “wash me,” your driveway saying “please no more fluid run off”? Maybe your patio is trying to entice you to come sit for a while, but those cobwebs are just too creepy.

The DIY mindset is to take charge, pull out that old low-grade power washer that has been in storage all winter, and get cleaning.  Easy right?

Wrong!  We have heard countless stories from clients who wanted to save money and avoid the hassle of searching for the perfect 5 star pressure washing company.  The pressure washing temptation is real and Blue Wave gets it. Who doesn’t love that immediate gratification from dirty to clean?

Blue Wave Pressure Washing lets you enjoy your summer cookout without all the work of pressure washing.

Unfortunately, the “DIY” approach to power washing is surprisingly risky, and often leads to elevated costs that can build and build.  Injuries are also very common. This simple misconception can compromise your largest investment, your safety or worse yet, your health.  When it comes to pressure washing, it’s best to call a reputable company like Blue Wave.

Still hesitant?

Here are a few more things to think about…

All surfaces should not be cleaned using the same technique.  Our professionals at Blue Wave will evaluate where your needs lie, calibrate their equipment according to the surface structures and utilize their safety training to be sure your property is taken care of safely and effectively.

By hiring a professional like Blue Wave, you are not only paying for a quality job, but for a service that is backed by 20 years of experience.  We’ve pretty much seen it all, but never shy away from new challenges that may arise on your unique property.

Summer is about enjoying summer—not pressure washing your home.

Go ahead and plan that neighborhood BBQ, but leave the heavy lifting to the experts at Blue Wave Pressure Washing.

After all, I’m sure there are plenty other DIY tasks on that honey-do list.

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