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When is the best time to pressure wash your house?

Pressure washing is an excellent technique to keep your home’s exterior in good condition. It aids in the removal of sticky pollutants, filth, and grime, alongside increasing your property’s curb value.

But what is the best time to pressure wash your house?

While pressure washing can generally be done any time of the year, the conditions are not always ideal for pressure washing.

We’re sharing the best time of the year to pressure wash your house and what factors should be taken into consideration when deciding.

Is it better to power wash your house in the spring or fall?

Homeowners who are considering pressure washing services may be wondering whether it is better to pressure wash in the spring or fall. While there are benefits to both seasons, the answer ultimately depends on the individual homeowner’s needs and preferences.

Spring is typically a good time to pressure wash if you’re looking to remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated over the winter months.

However, fall may be a better choice if you’re hoping to prepare your home for the colder weather ahead.

Pressure washing can help to remove any mold or mildew that has started to form, and it can also help to prepare your paint job for the winter.

Ultimately, the best time to pressure wash your home is whenever it best fits into your schedule.

pressure washing in the spring

How often should you have your house power washed?

A power wash is a high-pressure cleaning of the exterior of your house. It is recommended that you have your house power washed every one to two years in order to maintain its curb appeal and prevent long-term damage to the exterior surfaces of your house.

As we all know, North Carolina has plenty of pollen, so you may want to have your house power washed more frequently. In addition, if your home is exposed to a lot of sunlight, the paint or siding may start to fade over time. A power wash can remove dirt, mold, mildew, algae, and other stains from your siding, brick, stucco, stone, and concrete.

In addition, a power wash can also remove pollen, dust, and other debris from your gutters and eaves. If you have not had your house power washed in a while, you may want to consider hiring a professional power washing company to clean your house.

A professional power washing company will have the knowledge and equipment necessary to safely and effectively clean your house.

What temperature should it be to power wash a house?

When it comes to power washing your home, the temperature of the air can play a big role in determining how successful you are.

If it’s too cold, the water can freeze before it has a chance to do its job.

On the other hand, if it’s too hot, the drying process will accelerate and the water can evaporate before it has a chance to work.

Ideally, you want the temperature to be somewhere in the middle, around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. This will give you enough time to work without worrying about the water freezing or evaporating.

Of course, you also need to take into account the surface you’re cleaning. If it’s in direct sunlight, it will be warmer than if it’s in shade. Ultimately, you want to power wash when the air and surface temperature are both somewhere in the 60-70 degree range.

In the Raleigh-Durham area, the temperature can vary minute-by-minute, so you may need to be flexible with your power washing schedule.

At Blue Wave Clean, our power washing services take into account the weather forecast, the temperature, and the surface temperature to determine when it is the best time to power wash your home.

How cold is too cold to power wash?

When the temperature outside dips below 40 degrees, power washing your home is not the best idea. Cold weather can cause damage to our pumps, and the water we spray can freeze as it hits your home.

Additionally, freezing temperatures puts our employees at risk of hypothermia and makes our pressure washer less effective overall. Power washing is best done in warmer weather when the risk of damage and injury is lower.

So, if you’re thinking about giving your home’s exterior a good power wash, wait for a warmer day. Your home – and our team – will thank you for it.

Can you power wash during the winter season?

Pressure washing your house is a great way to keep it clean and free of dirt, debris, and other build-ups. However, it’s important to pressure wash at the right time of year to avoid damaging your pressure washer or freezing the surfaces you’re trying to clean.

Ideally, you would pressure wash between March and November, when temperatures are warmer and there’s less risk of freezing. However, if you must pressure wash during the cold season, make sure to avoid temperatures below 40 degrees.

Pressure washing in the winter

How To Choose The Best Time To Pressure Wash Your House?

Consider the Climate You Live In

Power washing will be less necessary if you live in a warmer environment. As a result, a once-a-year cleaning is generally sufficient.

In subtropical climates, however, mold and mildew can be recurring problems. In such environments, you might need more frequent washing.

The outside of your home, regardless of where you reside, must be cleaned regularly. Routine cleaning helps to keep your house looking its best throughout the seasons and helps to prevent fading and dulling.

Check The Temperature

While pressure washing can normally be performed in all temperatures, cold weather can make the process difficult.

During the summer and spring months, the temperature is more agreeable. There are no icy winds or harsh rains to fear of getting in the way, making it the perfect time to power wash your house.

After a Storm

Storms can take a toll on your home, leaving it covered in dirt, debris, and even mold. Pressure washing is an effective way to clean your house and remove any build-up that can lead to damage.

Storms can also cause your gutters to become blocked, which can lead to water damage. Pressure washing can help to remove any blockages and ensure that your gutters are clear.

Consider Nearness To Trees

If you have trees near your home, you may find that you need to pressure wash more often. This is because leaves and other debris can fall on your roof and gutters, clogging them and causing water to back up.

In addition, overhanging branches can scratch the paint on your home, creating a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Inspect Your House’s Condition

While the temperature, climate, and weather conditions play a part in determining the best time to pressure wash your house, the deciding factor is the house’s condition.

Inspect the condition of your house’s exterior frequently. If you notice grime, dust, or an overall dingy appearance, this means it is time for a pressure wash.

power washing in the fall

What Does a Pressure Wash Include?

A pressure washing service can help to clean a variety of surfaces, from driveways and sidewalks to decks and patios. The high-pressure stream of water is effective at removing dirt, grime, and other build-ups from surfaces.

In addition, pressure washing can also remove loose paint, mildew, and moss. As a result, it can help to restore the original appearance of a surface and extend its lifespan. Pressure washing services are typically performed by trained professionals who have the necessary equipment and experience to safely and effectively clean a variety of surfaces.

When choosing a pressure washing service, it is important to make sure that the company is insured and that its employees are properly trained. In addition, be sure to ask about the company’s environmental policies to ensure that they are taking steps to protect the environment.

Does Your House Need a Pressure Wash?

Looking for a reliable pressure washing company that knows how to manage the seasons? Look no further than Blue Wave Clean! We specialize in professional cleaning of outdoor surfaces and can ensure a perfectly clean house any time of year. Contact us today for a free estimate and power washing results!