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Raleigh Pressure Washing

Have you ever pulled into your driveway and thought “My house used to be clean. I’ll clean it this weekend.”

And sure, you could spend your precious weekend hours renting a pressure washer at a big box store or borrowing one from your neighbor. Or you could take your family for a meal at Bida Manda or Beasley’s. See a crucial Hurricanes home game at PNC Arena. The point is that you deserve to spend your free time doing something you love–not elbows deep in the dirt and muck.


That’s where we come in. Blue Wave Pressure Washing, as you might guess, is your Raleigh pressure washing expert. While the occasional rain might handle a dusting of pollen every spring, rainfall does nothing for encrusted dirt, mildew, and mold that permeate Raleigh homes.

Pressure Washing Raleigh Homes

Rediscover the natural beauty in your home with our Raleigh power washing services that make your life easy and property beautiful. Whether it’s a 900 square foot home in Raleigh, or a 1,000,000 square foot commercial property, Blue Wave Pressure Washing is one of the most experienced and trusted Raleigh pressure washing companies.

You’ll see our trucks roaming around Raleigh from Cameron Village to North Hills for a reason: we love to keep Raleigh spotless and clean.

Pools Patios

Commercial customers can expect clean:
Industrial Equipment
Retail Centers

Sports Courts
Parking Decks/Garages
Community Centers
Multi-family Communities
Gas Stations
Drive-thru Lanes
Dumpster Pads/Corrals<
Gum Removal
Graffiti Removal

See It For Yourself

We’ve tackled pretty nasty jobs over the years. If our work could speak for itself, it would probably say, “I’m way cleaner now. Thanks, Blue Wave!”

Here’s some examples of the work we’ve done:

  • Fences can easily look grey without cleaning.
  • Masonry and stonework cleans up well with a good pressure washing.
  • Protect your biggest asset from mold and grime.
  • Brickwork is no problem for Blue Wave Pressure Washing.
  • Residential pressure washing includes cleaning driveways.
  • Patios can look easily look disgusting after only a few months.
  • Cleaning siding is no problem for us.
  • Keep your condo or townhome's exterior clean.
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  • Residential Pressure Washing 15
  • Residential Pressure Washing 6
  • Residential Pressure Washing 5
  • Residential Pressure Washing 4
  • Residential Pressure Washing 3
  • Residential Pressure Washing 8
  • Residential Pressure Washing 22
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  • Power Washing Sidewalk
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