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Parking Lot Pressure Washing And Power Washing

Parking Lot Pressure Washing And Power Washing

Blue Wave clean specializes in pressure washing parking lots in Raleigh, N.C. Parking garage pressure washing is put in a different category than houses and buildings. 

Blue Wave Pressure Washing has the experience you need to get the job done right. Our equipment and years of parking lot pressure washing provide peace of mind knowing your parking lot is a great first impression of your business.

Each situation is unique but Blue Wave is equipped to handle your parking lot, whether big or small. Let Blue Wave Pressure Washing take the worry away from you.

Why Should You Pressure Wash Your Parking Deck?

An Extension of Your Business

Consider that the parking area is an extension of your business. A dirty, dingy, or stained parking deck is just as much a negative to your business as a dirty building. 

A parking deck that hasn’t been taken care of can be a turn-off to potential customers. Parking lot cleaning is a cost-efficient way to maintain a safe and clean space for your business.

A Safety Hazard

Dirty parking garages can be perilous to customers, workers, and tenants, creating liability for a property owner. 

Such hazards as slick spots from oil and grease spills can create the potential for injury if someone slips and falls. Accumulated trash that brings in insects, pests, and rodents isn’t something you want people to encounter, especially if there is a restaurant or grocery store nearby. 

Power washing and cleaning take care of these dangers.

Long-Term Damage to Infrastructure

When power washing isn’t done regularly, dirt, debris, gum, bacteria, oil, and grease can build up on the surfaces. 

Over time, just as with buildings, a build-up of dirt and contaminants can destroy the surface of a parking deck and cause it to peel away. This can cause deep potholes that both create hazards and damage the appearance of your business.

We Do Cleaning Right

Pressure washing a parking lot or garage is a large undertaking with many factors that need to be considered. Just as an example, if a commercial parking garage is under the building, there are height specifications to pay attention to. 

Regardless of the posted height restrictions, care has to be taken with sprinkler pipes and other piping for the businesses located above the deck. Most parking decks have tight spaces and limited turning capacity that must be taken into consideration for the equipment used for washing. 

Knowing the ins and outs of pressure washing parking decks requires specially trained and experienced professionals like Blue Wave Pressure Washing.

The Importance of Pre-Planning

Blue Wave commercial clean team spends the time to thoroughly plan the project by performing reconnaissance before getting started. 

Maneuvering into the structure, setting up the equipment, understanding the carbon monoxide and air movement, considering traffic flow, and assessing the location of the water supply are just a few of the crucial details we go over before beginning the work.

Each Situation is Different

At Blue Wave Clean, we know that every parking garage is different and requires an awareness of the situation. There is the potential for things to go wrong in pressure washing a parking garage when all factors are not taken into consideration. 

Blue Wave has the experience to do just that. For example, we know whether to start from the top and work down or start from the bottom levels and work up, depending on where the exhaust fans are located. 

We consider your customers during our process as well. We ensure that hoses aren’t impeding traffic, our blowouts don’t bother parked vehicles, and wet surfaces are properly marked for safety.

Cleaning Secondary Areas

Blue Wave can deal with ancillary areas like sidewalks, trash bins, dumpsters, and grease spots. We take the necessary precautions for any areas where chemicals may be used on. 

Our professional team at Blue Wave won’t neglect these areas because they are important for both the appearance and the safety of the parking area.

In addition to your business’s parking lot, we’re equipped for sidewalk pressure washing, graffiti removal, and more.

Contact Blue Wave For Parking Lot Pressure Washing In Raleigh, Fayetteville, and Garner NC

If you have a business that includes a parking lot or parking garage, contact Blue Wave for the experienced power wash professionals you need. These are big projects that require specialized pressure washers and knowledge. Go with the best–Blue Wave Pressure Washing! Call us at (919) 514-1880 or complete this form for a quote.